when you can't afford a vacation, check your Twitter feed and follow us to the bar...

It's like adding steroids to your social media addiction

     You exchange tweets with many. Don't you ever wonder how they really are IRL?

     Short of being called a "stalker," Buzzcation helps you connect with the people you've met on social media. You know, kinda like bringing their profile picture to life. 

     We announce the details of when and where the next event will be about a week before it happens. No we won't send you a personal invitation; no, we won't email you a reminder. You have to be on your toes on Twitter and Facebook and be on the lookout for the warning signs. Because when it is announced, RSVP slots go quickly. And when all the slots are gone, might just have to slip us a $20. 

     Don't miss out!


Thank you everyone...

Thank you to our friends, old and new, who celebrated our 4th birthday with us at Practical Art. It felt so right to just mingle with a glass of wine (okay four glasses+), check out the beautiful wares in the gallery and enjoy fun conversations.

Truly, there is a lot to be thankful for. 

We appreciated the presence of St. Mary’s Food Bank’s CEO, Beverly Damore, and also its Chief Communications Officer, Sarah Stuckey. Remember that it isn’t too late to donate non-perishable food items/canned goods to St. Mary’s Food Bank. Lots of families are counting on us. Please check their website for ways to help this holiday season  Make it even better by volunteering your time.  

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Please check out our new blog--Overheard at Buzzcation--for more details of the event, including a pizza-palooza event supporting St. Mary’s Food Bank, an interesting coffee spot called The Refuge, that provides occupational training to adults and something for the pie addicts out there. 

Check out the blog often, because even if there is no Buzzcation event scheduled that month, there’s always something fun and meaningful just around the corner!

Thank you!
Yvette & Lars

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